I'm Becky, the founder of White Space and finder of white space! That's right, it's just me and a selection of trusted partners that I call on when I need a bit of extra expertise in print, photography or web development for example. I'm not pretending to be a big old agency with lots of bums on seats, I don't use 'we' when actually it's 'me'. 

​There's a good reason for this. I choose to keep things this way and have done for the past 6 years. I want to get to know you and your business inside out, I can't do that if I pass you to other people. I want to be there at the start of your project when the possibilities are endless, in the middle when it's exciting and challenging in equal measure and at the end when sparks fly! That's how I create value in your business.

After a few rebrands of my own, the final iteration of me is White Space because it's exactly what I do. I help your business find that clean, crisp sheet of paper where your brand story goes. The narrative that makes you completely unique and the creative expression that is unmistakably yours - an indelible brand. 

So what else do you need to know about me. I've worked in design and brand consulting for (cough!) over two decades. I'm originally from the UK, but no I don't love the cold! I do love good, strong coffee; a bargain; a good potter (it's when I do my best problem-solving); anything by Ian McEwan; The Block - I'm a renovation addict; 98% cocoa chocolate; a well earned glass of red.

I especially love game changing, inspiring, makes you smile brand solutions.

​Oh and I like to challenge the rules, the norms and the status quo and sometimes break all three.

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