Finding Our Own White Space

Introducing White Space

We’re not put off by change. Maybe we’re a bit nuts or just like creating work for ourselves. But either way it’s happening. Nimble exit stage right, enter White Space [rapturous applause]. We hope.

Why the change?

Having worked with many companies over the past 4 years to address various issues of brand from new launch to relaunch to reinvention, the question inevitably arose, ‘Is it time for a rebrand of our own?’ Do we need to take a dose of our own medicine, take a leaf out of our own book and practice what we preach? Turns out the answer was yes.

When we launched Nimble in 2013, our vision was a small creatively-led business that perfectly married insight, design and exceptional client service. We wanted to be quick on our feet, responsive and smart with our solutions. We also wanted to show our strategic ‘thinking’ side.

As time has trotted along, and our client list has expanded, we wondered if Nimble still reflected the real value we brought to our clients. We have helped our clients define their brand, to locate what is truly unique about them and beat to their own drum in markets that are often saturated with parity. To rise head and shoulders above the competition, often reinventing themselves in the process. Yep, change has been in the air for a while. And we love it. We love where it’s taking us and the new opportunities it presents.

More than a logo update

There are lots of reasons that a rebrand can become a worthwhile consideration or even a business imperative. Our article ‘8 Reasons to Rebrand (But You Only Need One!)’ lays out the most compelling reasons we’ve encountered for our clients’ (and now our) brand projects. For us it wasn’t just that the penny dropped that we had evolved and our brand needed to evolve with it to continue to resonate. We have also expanded and my partner in life, crime and now business has joined us to put his amazing photography skills to work for White Space.

So, it just remains to say thank you to all of our wonderful clients and partners who have been with us on this journey so far. We hope you continue to be part of the White Space clan. We would love it if you would show your support by following us on Instagram and giving us a like on Facebook. Oh and checkout our new website, it’s a work in progress but then isn’t everything in life!

See you soon

Becky & Stuart

Finders and Founders of White Space

PS We will be taking a break at White Space over Christmas and New Year, closing on 22 December and returning on 8 January 2018.

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