Hitting the G-Spot: Your Springboard for Brand Success in 2017

You’re posting regularly on social media, when customers do engage they rave about your great service and product, you’re an avid contributor to facebook groups and you post new blog content on your website regularly. So why isn’t your brand getting the traction, affirmation and demand you dream of?

Simple. Your brand just isn’t saying what people want to hear. It’s not giving them what they want or need. The words we choose, the clothes we wear, and the company we keep set the tone for who we are, what ‘tribe’ we belong to and what we give to the world. The same for brands. And if you don’t have an audience that feel your brand fits into their tribe you’re winning formula is flawed.

But what do those tribal signposts look like? That’s the million-dollar question. And the answer is simple. You need to find your G-Spot. But if you think your G-Spot is somewhere between your belt-buckle and your toes you’d be wrong.

The key to effective branding is giving. What does your brand give to the world? What does it give to your audience? And does your ‘image’ say all the right things and press all the right (ahem!) buttons. It’s what we at Nimble call your Giving Philosophy and every brand has one. You may not have been able to articulate it or maybe it’s not that obvious yet, but it’s there, it’s deeply ingrained in the fabric of the business and it needs to be excavated and worn with pride.

So how do we find this seemingly elusive G-Spot?

Start with the E Word

You can’t get very far unless you understand what’s important to your audience. By giving people something they actually want, you create lasting connections. If you bore them with chatter about things that aren’t important to them they switch off and you’ll soon be forgotten. I know this seems like commonsense, but you’d be surprised how many businesses, large and small, make the mistake of talking at their audience.

Of course you ‘do’ something that people want; sell them a product or provide a service they need. But. And this is the kicker. What is it you do for them on a personal level? We hate to bring in the ‘E word’ here but emotion is the driving force. It’s deep-seated, powerful, irresistible and instinctive. Emotional drivers are locked away in the sub-conscious and have a profound impact on everything we do.

I know, it’s hard to resist the temptation to sigh and roll your eyes because your audience isn’t driven by emotion, right? Wrong. Everyone is, whether they’re buying cereal, tyres or baby clothes. Find what flicks their switch emotionally and appeal to that, as well as just telling them what you do, and you’re onto something that your competition may be missing.

Get Touchy Feely with Yourself

Once you understand what really drives your audience at a deep and personal level, it’s time to be self-aware and get an understanding of what you really give, not just what you ‘do’. I’ve touched on this above, but the plain and simple truth is there’s more to life than just doing; than just delivering a functional product or service that people want to buy and then moving on to the next sale. This is not to discount the importance of a clear, attestable message about the doing and the delivery. It’s just that it doesn’t end there. If it does, there’s nothing to separate you from everyone else that does what you do.

There may be many things you give. What we’re looking for here is the thing that delivers to what’s important to your audience; their emotional drivers. You need to get in touch with the dreams, desires, anxieties, hopes and fears that people can look to your brand to support.

Get Your Feng and Your Shui Together and Have a Party

So your audience want something so badly they don’t even quite understand why, and you can give them just the thing they need. Now all that remains is to tell your audience about what you can give them in language and imagery that embodies your Giving Philosophy and in turn resonates with them. The colours, icons, imagery, language, shapes, textures and environments you choose to market your brand all add up to a visible code, a tribal signature that binds you and your audience together in mutual understanding.

So, will 2017 be the year you find your brand’s G-Spot? And more importantly, the year you get a real and sustainable advantage over your competition?

If you’d like to discuss your brand’s Giving Philosophy and start to lay the foundations for the success your brand deserves in 2017, contact Nimble today for a free 30-minute Brand Exploration session. You’ve got nothing to lose, other than lasting gratification of course!


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