How Attractive is Your Brand?

Sometimes we need to take a long, hard, honest look at ourselves, although we may not like what we see! But it’s nothing that a few hours on the treadmill and some heavy-duty face cream can’t fix is it? Not quite! But it’s a start.

The same goes for brand presentation and marketing. The market changes, we change, our audience matures and new trends impact us. All this means that the landscape is constantly shifting and the best brands are nimble enough to be ready and willing to change and adapt.

Some of the biggest brands reinvigorate, renew and reinvent regularly. Consider the establishment, old guard, snobbishness of car giant Jaguar for most of the 20th Century. However, as society changed and became far less class driven so did Jaguar. Today they are a chic, sleek brand; still desirable and super premium but relevant to today’s zero to hero, highflying Gen Ys and Millenials.

And Lucozade. If you were born before 1990, this was once a drink that you were given if you'd been unwell – ‘Aids Recovery!’, oh dear, for obvious reasons! However, following one of the most significant repositioning strategies in the drinks category, it is now a high energy, aspirational sports brand.

So what should you consider when reviewing how likely someone might be to want to hook up with your brand? Well it’s not too dissimilar to what you might look for in your perfect mate…


A long time love affair relies on a shared experience, where everyone gets something they need and remains fulfilled. So, how relevant are you to your audience, do you fulfill their needs and do they feel comfortable with you? In a nutshell, have you got just what they’ve been looking for?


10% mechanics and 90% chemistry. I’m no statistician but that sounds about right! But seriously, there is an intangible, sub-conscious, instinctual element to attraction which is immensely powerful. Does your brand have an enigmatic appeal that draws your audience to you? Whether it’s pheromones or an uber-brand, you need some of what Brangelina’s got.


Clever brands know they need to understand their audience and fix their problems better than the next guy can. Do you innovate and add value to your audience above and beyond just what’s required?


Finding your point of difference, the thing that makes you stand out from the crowd, isn’t always easy. It’s important to bear in mind this isn’t necessarily a whizz-bang, patented technological innovation. Your approach and attitude can make you exceptionally appealing just as much as the whistles and bells of your product.


‘Charisma: a compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others’. Wow, yes please! We’ll take some (i.e. a lot) of that please. Humour, compassion, irreverence, passion, drive, entrepreneurship, beauty; these are just some of the things that create cut through in an era of unprecedented marketing noise. How you look, what you say and what you do, will all help shape how attractive and charming your brand will become.


This isn’t just social media although Mark Zuckerberg is well on his way to World domination and undeniably this has to be part of any marketing plan worth it’s salt. Indeed, for many small and medium sized businesses, facebook and twitter are two of the main vehicles to have regular dialogue with their audience. However, this is part of a total package of local networking and referral, email and newsletters, signage and livery to name a few. If you stay at home you probably won’t get a real live date with a real live person. Similarly if you can’t be seen in the market (virtual and concrete!) you’re unlikely to get much customer engagement.

So all that remains is a question of timing, ‘When is a good time to review, renew or reinvigorate our brand?’ Certainly it’s never a bad time to ponder and improve your brand's attractiveness. But, when you’ve done it once, it’s not done forever. The world of the consumer is constantly changing and so should you.

And please don’t thinking because you’re small you don’t have a brand. If you’re a business of any shape or size you have a brand. You may not invest in it or treat it like one. But everything in the public domain is a brand of sorts: people, businesses, products, political parties, charities, institutions and services. Everything.

So start running today, invest in that collagen enhanced face product and strive to be the most attractive brand in your market. Oh and call Nimble. We can’t make you fitter or more youthful, but we can help with the brand stuff.

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