Is your brand sabotaging your success? Staying relevant and ahead of your competition is a challenge.


You can't risk your audience falling out of love with you, your competitor's 'getting it' better than you do or your value being lost in mediocre marketing. 

In this guide, I have laid out the 10 Fundamentals for building a rock solid brand to set your business up for continual growth.

Get a rigorous gauge on how your brand is performing and create a clear roadmap of the strategic imperatives so you can up your game and ensure you have the brand worthy of a winning business.

• 12 Pages of strategic insight that picks apart exactly what is required to create a robust brand built for growth

Brand impact on ROI explained 

• Your guide to understanding the value of a robust brand to your business

• The 5 key components that together create an integrated brand

A 360 degree view of your brand detailing all influencing factors including some you may not have even considered as brand imperatives

43 key questions to ask yourself when interrogating and building a rock solid brand



Becky at White Space is the first person I've met in a long time that actually knows what she's talking about, asks the questions, answers the question(s) and puts it together in a way that we can prepare for lift off. I had a good gut feeling and now I've witnessed the start of the journey. I can’t wait to get rolling.

Rob Stevens | Founder

Becky Hughes at White Space managed the rebranding of Mainstay Marine. Becky’s professionalism and drive, coupled with outstanding levels of customer service, ensured an on-time, in-budget project of the highest creative and technical quality.
The personal relationships we developed with Becky at White Space were key.  She helped us to gain a deeper understanding of our business, the competitors, the market, and how to win and advance the business.
I would highly recommend White Space to anyone looking to rebrand their business.



Stewart Graves | Managing Director


I'm Becky Hughes, the founder of White Space and finder of white space!


That's right, it's just me and a selection of trusted partners that I call on when I need a bit of extra expertise in print, photography or web development for example. I'm not pretending to be a big old agency with lots of bums on seats, I don't use 'we' when actually it's 'me’. 


So what else do you need to know about me. I've worked in design and brand consulting for (cough!) over two decades. I'm originally from the UK, but no, I don't love the cold! I do love good, strong coffee; a bargain; a good potter (it's when I do my best problem-solving); anything by Ian McEwan; The Block - I'm a renovation addict; 98% cocoa chocolate; a well earned glass of red.

I especially love game changing, inspiring, gives you goosebumps brand solutions.

​Oh and I like to challenge the rules, the norms and the status quo and sometimes break all three.